Debbie is Managing Partner with McLeod Sears and President of the Grant Me The Wisdom Foundation, a family foundation focused globally on women and girls, education, poverty alleviation, and documentary film. Grant Me The Wisdom Foundation has been active in womens and girls issues, community development, education, and poverty alleviation for nearly 30 years.



Debbie grew up in Maryland and Virginia, moved to Houston as a teenager and has lived there for almost 40 years. She received a BA in French from Baylor University in 1982 and a Master’s of Divinity from Yale Divinity School in 2009. Debbie and Jay have been married 33 years and have two grown children. Debbie has been on a variety of boards over the years focused both nationally and internationally. She is passionate about women and girls’ education and is very committed to supporting the Kibera School for Girls and the Akilah Institute for Women. After receiving her Master’s degree, Debbie and Jay founded their family foundation, Grant Me The Wisdom Foundation. Debbie is currently on the boards of Yale Divinity School and Impact Partners.